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Hand Made Rope Halters


Horse size hand made to order rope halters with nose knots or without nose knots your choice. [these nose knots do not include the side knots and if you do not specify if you do not want nose knots the halter will be made with them]

Sizes Available are: By your measurements for a custom made [measure around the nose then measure up one side from the nose band area up behind the ears and down the other side to the nose band area and send me the two measurements or by average size MED=Arabian or Yearling: LARGE=900 TO 1250 Pounds, X-LARGE=Large Jaw Stallion etc: XX-LARGE=Clydesdale or Percheron, Mammoth Donkey

Colors available are:


Blue-different shades

Green-different shades








The horse size halters are made from 1/4 inch polypropolene rope and no metal to injure your horse.

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